Feedback: What's With the 90 Days of Fundraising?

Jan 5, 2015

By email just yesterday, listener Woodson wrote, “I know you’ve been inviting listener feedback, so:  Did we not just hear today’s episode of America’s Test Kitchen last week?”

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While offering an apology, I wrote back, explaining that these shows arrive as digital audio files to be downloaded and entered into our computer system and, if there was a problem, it would be a problem with the downloading. Either way, we should have checked more thoroughly to assure we were airing the correct episode.”

Here’s a call we received last Tuesday, Dec. 30 from “Mrs. H.” who has been a member since she moved to the area 8 years ago, “I have never heard a radio station on-air fundraise every day for 90 days.  I’ve been keeping track now. This is why you didn’t meet your goal.  People can’t stand listening to this.”

We’re not sure what she is referring to but maybe she heard spots we ran through December.  Of course, we’re always likely to have some type of fundraising message on the air during normal station breaks.  But, certainly never what we would call “active fundraising” for more than a few days such as the three and a half days of our end of year drive early last month.

On Christmas Eve day, Alyce wrote to us trying to locate a segment about an art project in the Congo that she had heard on that day’s Q. After we gave her the information, she responded, “Our venturesome art teacher at Somerset Community College has been on art trips to Africa several times, and I know she will be very interested in this.  The idea could be applicable in some Appalachian counties we serve, some of the poorest counties in the US.”

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