Feedback on WEKU's 'Greatest Variety of Programming,' Request for Morning Temps

May 9, 2016

We have a couple of comments in reaction to last month’s Eastern Standard show with presidential historian Douglas Brinkley.  Both, by the way, are from a website visitor self-identifying as “Annie on the Trail.” 

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She wrote, “This was a FASCINATING show! Thanks!”

She proceeded to add a postscript on another topic:  “Unlike a previous commenter, I love and podcast "Dinner Party Download" as well as "Wait, Wait," "RadioLab", "Freakonomics", and many more. WEKU has the greatest variety of programming I've ever heard. Most stations where I've lived have such a narrow format that I rarely stay put, but I've mainly listened to WEKU for the past 15 years.”

By email, Thomas, from Lexington, wrote, “My wife and I are members of WEKU and we listen to the station every morning. We typically count on the local weather 6-7am each morning and I use that information to decide how to dress (I walk to UK every morning) but some mornings you neglect to give the current temperature. With the fluctuating temp in central KY the current temp would be very helpful.”

Last week’s Eastern Standard with EKU President Michael Benson brought a number questions by Twitter and some follow-ups such as one from former Olympian and EKU Alum Dallas Robinson. He wrote, “It was a pleasure listening to the broadcast this morning.”

Roger Hurt wrote, “Prez has correctly identified solution to Kentucky financial woes, more revenue needed.” Pastor Hurt continued, “Have to defeat GOP first.”

Finally, “EKU Sergeant Sarcasm” (@ekusergeantsarcasm) tweeted, “Thanks to President Benson (@ekuPrez) for answering my questions. 

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