Feedback: WEKU is Listener's Favorite Ever, Thanks to Michael Johnathon for Allman Tickets

Apr 18, 2016

We start with a call to the WEKU Listener Comment Line, “I have been listening to public radio for over 25 years and I’ve listened to a lot of great stations.  But, I wanted to tell you that WEKU is my favorite public radio station, actually any radio station ever.” 

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The caller continues, “I love the thoughtful and interesting talk you have on all day.  I learn things all the time and I am so grateful that you are a presence in our community.”

Joey, from Versailles, wrote to Michael Johnathon of the Woodsongs Old Time Radio Hour and the Troubadour Concert Series last week after Michael did a giveaway during our fund drive,” We are loyal EKU radio listeners and heard your recent pledge drive efforts. My daughter (age 14) went with her father to the Gregg Allman concert last night. They were seated front and center. My daughter has been taking guitar lessons for about a year and she was bursting at the seams excited about last nights performance.  Perhaps that is not as good a Walter Tunis review but for any parent to see a child this excited about music it an experience in pure joy. “

We are soliciting comments about the changes underway with A Prairie Home Companion now that Garrison Keillor is retiring and musician Chris Thile is taking over,

From our Facebook page, a message from Alyce, “Can't stand Prairie Home Companion and those awful characters. Not funny or entertaining, and a show on both Sat and Sun.only adds insult to injury. Haven't heard Chris Thile. Can't be any worse though.

Tony remarked,  “Big disappointment so far.”

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