Feedback: Visitors to Woodland Arts Festival Offer Comments

Aug 18, 2014

Some of the WEKU staff spent the better part of this past weekend at the Woodland Art Fair in Lexington and we thought you might enjoy hearing some of the comments we got from people who stopped by to say, “Hello.”

Mary Landrum, of Lexington, says, “I love the focus on public affairs programming.  I like talk radio and I like that WEKU is committed to giving us a variety of opinions. I never know what I’m going to hear and I like that.” 

Landrum says she also likes the classical music, “That’s nice when I’m driving home from a night shift, nice relaxing classical music.”

Bill Watson lives in Georgetown, “Public radio and public TV have been my mainstay because, you turn on the regular stations, what do you get?  Mainly talk shows that have their own bias or you get a lot of commercials.  When you go to 88.9 FM, you get such diverse programming.  There is nothing on that station, at least in my experience, that I’m going to turn away from.”

Lorna Atwater, from Berea, is a rural mail carrier. She told us she gets up in the morning really early.  “I start listening about 6:00 in the morning. I stream you at the post office so that I can hear and I get out on the road and I’m out there for five to six hours a day.  So, usually from about 6:00 in the morning until 4:00 or 5:00 in the afternoon, WEKU is what I’m all about.”

On the weekend of September 13 and 14 we’ll be at Crave Lexington and we hope you’ll stop by and give us your comments.

You can always send us your feedback, of course, by writing to us at, post on Facebook, send a tweet @889weku or call the Listener Comment Line. The number for the Listener Comment Line is 859-622-1657

Then listen again next week at 6:33 or 8:49 am or 5:33 pm for Listener Feedback on 88-9 WEKU.