Feedback: Too Much Coverage of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370?

Mar 24, 2014

In reaction to our Friday news story, Over 200 Becoming US Citizens at Transylvania University, Natasa left a correction for us, using the Disqus feature beneath the web post.  We reported, based on a news release from the university that last week’s was the first naturalization ceremony at the school in 26 years.  Natasa commented, “Actually, the last Naturalization Ceremony was held at Transylvania sixteen years ago, not twenty six.”

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We have not been able to confirm Natasa’s correction but we are grateful and will check it out.  If we do find the information to be inaccurate, we’ll make sure we correct the web post of the story.

Meanwhile, we had this call come in to the Listener Comment Line on Friday morning, “This morning, in your newscast, you used the term ‘illegal immigrant.’ You oughta be a little more careful. People are not illegal, their actions are. So, please I would recommend you use term ‘immigrant” as an option.  Thank you.”

Thanks for the call but, while we did do the story we mentioned a few moments ago, about naturalization of new American citizens, we are not aware of any story that used the term “illegal immigrant.” 

And, finally, Eoin, from Lexington, wrote to let us know he is unhappy with the continued coverage of the search for Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, noting correctly that the coverage comes from the networks that provide international news, namely NPR and the BBC. 

While we certainly respect and appreciate his comment, we’ll toss it out to our other listeners: What do you think?  Should public radio continue to cover this story?

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