Feedback: Thanks for Opera and Reactions to Scratchy Voice Comment

Feb 29, 2016

Last week, a listener wrote in about my personal choice to go on the air before my voice had completely recovered from a sinus infection. I continue to stand by my apology for coming back a bit too soon. 

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Meanwhile, I want to acknowledge the messages of listeners reacting to Linda. At risk of seeming self-serving, here are a few excerpts:

Trevor, from Corbin wrote, “Really? Are you serious? Mr. Hingsbergen should only be commended for the fact that he chose to remain on the air last week, even though he was very obviously sick. I appreciate the fact that he decided to continue to bring us the news despite the fact that he probably should have been at home resting.”

On Facebook, Deborah wrote, “Holy cow. That listener had way too much time on her hands.”

Tom commented, “Just heard this on the air. Mr. Hingsbergen, you are a true gentleman.”

On the website at, a writer self-identifying as “skeptical,” posted, “As an allergy sufferer, I truly feel for you -- but I don't want to listen to you in this condition! I couldn't focus on WHAT you were saying. Too distracted by HOW you were saying it.”

For the record, when I get a sinus infection, I’m not usually all that “sick,” just vocally impaired which is, of course, a handicap in my career.

Changing the subject, here’s a call that came in to the Listener Comment Line regarding our “sister station” Classic 102.1, “Saturday afternoon at the opera is just one of the most marvelous things ever invented.  It’s a plus for the whole region, to be able to hear that. Thank you.  Keep it up!”

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