Feedback: Thanks for Messiah & Garbulinska, Trouble Listening with NPR App

Dec 30, 2013

We received a very nice direct message via our Twitter account @889weku from James in Lexington.  He tweeted, “Handel's Messiah was one of the best broadcasts ever. Thank you.”

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This message came to us by voicemail from listener Lee, “Thank you very much for the Teresa Garbulinska tape.  It’s more music than I’ve ever heard among those notes before.  If I can buy it on a CD, I’d love to.  Please tell me how.  If not, please broadcast it again.”

Savannah sent us a message by means of Facebook, “Hello, I just wanted to let you all know that for some reason, people can't stream WEKU from NPR's app on an iPhone. I tried accessing it from 88.9 and 88.5. On both stations, I got the "thanks for accessing" message, but then it went silent. I can stream other stations. Hopefully it's an easy fix! I'd much rather listen to you.”

We promised Savannah that we’ll report the problem with the NPR app but meanwhile, There are a number of other ways to listen to WEKU from an iPhone that I know are working. The first is the EKU app. Do not confuse this with the WEKU app which is outdated and not reliable.

If you use the EKU app, all you need to do is choose the WEKU "button" from the main page and then select which station you want to listen to. Other options include the app from TuneIn Radio and the Public Radio Player.

We’re interested in your feedback.  Leave a voice message at 859-622-1657 or send it by e-mail to: WEKU at eku dot edu.  You can also post on our Facebook page or send us a tweet @889weku. 

And, tune in again next Monday at 6:33 or 8:49 am or 5:33 pm for Listener Feedback on 88-9, WEKU.