Feedback: Tech Issues plus Getting SOAR Right

Jul 28, 2014

First up, the ever-present technical issues (with Classical 102.1)  Female caller: “I just wanted to express as a listener my great appreciation for all your hard work during this very difficult time. I know you’ve had the audio problems at your station and I, as a faithful listener, kept my radio tuned, waiting for you to come back. It definitely came in this afternoon. The music’s wonderful and again you’re very much appreciated, so you do have very faithful listeners out there.”

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And, after getting Classic 102.1 back on the air, later that same day, we heard from listener Carl, “I haven’t heard anything going to Corbin all day today.  I live in London.”

Marty, from Frankfort, emailed us last Monday, “On a couple of recent local news stories aired on WEKU after the national news, I’ve heard the SOAR initiative referred to.  One of these mentions occurred in a spot on the local news at 7:06 this morning.  The news reader spelled out the words making up that acronym as “Saving Our Appalachia Region.” The correct name is Shaping Our Appalachia Region. 

This difference between “Saving” and “Shaping” is huge.  The term “ Saving” carries with it a century of cultural baggage and condescension, as if eastern Kentuckians need saving.”

Marty followed up later in the week, saying, “Every day since writing, I’ve heard some story on SOAR and have noticed that you all correctly announced the program’s full name. Way to go!”

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