Feedback: Tech Issues and Kudos for Pipeline Story

Aug 23, 2013

Several of you notified us of a problem with our signal on our sister station Classic 102.1. Luckily we were able to fix the problem by the afternoon – we appreciate the heads-up via Facebook and our listener comment line.

Send your feedback to us by email to:WEKU (at) eku (dot) edu or call the Listener Comment Line, 859-622-1657.

Another listener Philip, wrote to us via our website, "I am a public radio supporter since 1970, and re-discovered (your station) when you changed format. Your programming is the best I have found, and I am a faithful listener, mornings, evenings and weekends. I miss Says You and do not care for some of the newer programs which seem vapid. Those seem targeted at millennials, but do not give that demographic much credit. Otherwise, great work! Please keep it up.

This programming note to Philip and others who miss the program Says You, it has migrated to our sister station Classic 102.1 Saturdays at noon. If you’re outside of the coverage area for 102.1, you can always find it and our WEKU signal streaming at weku dot fm.

Beth from Lancaster wrote, "Thanks so much for the great report from Erica about the Bluegrass Pipeline and the religious communities who oppose it. I’ve also been wanting to write to say I enjoy so much of your programming. Thank you for what you do." She went on to add that she doesn’t care for Ask Me Another ….

Finally Jeana tweeted that upon her visit to the new NPR dot org homepage this week that the site there suggested that she make WEKU her favorite station. Even though she works at another university that has its own NPR station, she updated her favorites to now recognize WEKU as such. We appreciate the support, Jeana. Which prompts us to remind you that when you visit the npr dot org homepage directly, please click WEKU as your favorite station in the upper left hand corner of that home page.

We’d love to put your comments on the air.  We’ll gladly keep your identity anonymous but we do need to know who you are. Email your feedback to: WEKU at eku dot edu, leave a comment on Facebook or even tweet it. And our Listener Comment Line is  859-622-1657.  Then be sure to tune in again next Monday at 6:33 and 8:49 am and at 5:33 pm for Listener Feedback on 88-9, WEKU.