Feedback: Suggestions for Traffic Info and "Where and When is Fracking Meeting?"

Mar 2, 2015

Peter, from Paris, Kentucky emailed us, “There has been a lot of feedback recently on traffic reports outside of Lexington or when the Traffic Management Center is closed. It sounds like the trick is having a reliable data source. I might suggest partnering with one of your TV media partners who already have traffic reporting mechanisms in place or looking into a service such as Waze which allows drivers to report incidents as they see them.” 

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Schatzi left the following on the Listener Comment Line, “I keep hearing about a coming meeting regarding horizontal fracking in Kentucky. Just two points here.  One is that I have not heard the reporter actually say the word “fracking.” Horizontal drilling, for a lot of people, they don’t understand that that is fracking.”

Schatzi continued, “I also haven’t heard where the meeting is and what time tomorrow, which would be Wednesday. If I haven’t heard it, I’m thinking maybe other people haven’t as well.”

Paul, from London Kentucky emailed us, “I listen to Classic 102.1 whenever I am on the computer and WEKU has programming that does not interest me.  Right now, Saturday from 12:00 to 1:00, both stations have silly, unintellectual programs.  Where is the classical music?”

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