Feedback: Streaming Levels, Writers' Almanac, Online Giving Error

Dec 14, 2015

From David  in Danville,   “I am a long-time loyal listener of WEKU, and now that I am retired, my preferred listening device is my Android tablet.  I have noticed in recent months that the volume of the webcast has gotten lower and lower.  Even when I have turned up my tablet volume all the way, it is barely audible more than 2 feet away.  (I have switched to fellow KY station WFPL a few times and they are louder, so it's not my device.)

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To David: Thank you for letting us know. We’ll take your advice and will check the volume controls and make sure the settings are correct on our web streams.

Martha, in Lexington, wrote, “Last week I was in Washington DC listening to WAMU; I spent about a year out in that area a while back.  Every morning, during Morning Edition, they play Garrison Keillor’s "Writer’s Almanac". I didn’t realize how much I missed it until I heard it again last week. Is this included in the WEKU line-up (I did not find it in a search of your schedule)? If not, would you consider adding it?”

Martha, I am pleased to let you know that our “sister station,” Classic 102.1 does air the Writers’ Almanac every weekday at 9:01 am.  We’ll take another look at our 88.9 schedule and see if there’s a place where we might consider adding it.

From Bill in Lexington, “I just tried to donate to WKYL via your web site.  When I had entered all of my information and clicked the final button, a page came up that said ‘Access Denied.  You are not authorized to enter this page.’  Now what do I do?”

We’ll get back with Bill and make sure we figure out what’s going on and that we get his donation processed.

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