Feedback on Stream Levels and NPR One

May 2, 2016

A listener from Frankfort emailed us with what she called some “observations about the WEKU stream vs. other Kentucky public radio streams.” 

She says, “The broadcast volume is about 30% of what some other stations broadcast. For example, to hear WEKU at the same volume as other stations, I have to put my speakers at 20-30% volume vs. 5-10% for others.” 

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The listener goes on to say that, “After about 1 1/2 hours of streaming the stream stops and if I have any hope of picking up the broadcast where it stopped, I have to reload the webpage before restarting the stream. At times, even this does not work and I can never get back into the Morning Edition broadcast where it stopped streaming. This is an issue with at least two other public radio stations, but not with all.”

We will, of course, look into this but it is possible that the system we use provided by NPR Digital Services may be set to automatically shut-down after a certain period of time to conserve bandwidth, just in case a listener walks away from their device without shutting it down.

Here’s a call to the WEKU Listener Comment Line from listener Aaron, “I just want to that WEKU for using the NPR One app. I’m a truck driver and gone from the area so much of the time and to be able to use the NPR One app and to get local news is just a delight.”

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