Feedback: Still Not Happy with NPR Credit Announcer, How About New Feedback Promos?

Jun 16, 2014

Listener MSJ wrote a long email about NPR’s relatively new announcer for underwriting credits.  He says, “This is a croaking, creaking, irritating, raspy, untrained, voice which leaves her gasping for air (the sound of which producers at NPR refuse to edit, it seems) at the end of each announcement.

I have to ask why listeners are expected to endure a voice that speaks with the authority of Kim Kardashian? Is (Sabrina) Farhi's position NPR's attempt to attract the Kardashians? I wonder. 

We had a number of calls to the Listener Comment Line last week…including this one from Nathan who has a concern about the way science stories are reported.  He says “I hear this all the time on NPR and it is very infuriating, rather than saying, ‘Biologists at the University of Kentucky’ or “Geologists with such and such program,” simply saying ‘Scientists have discovered.’ 

I’m an environmental scientist.  The idea behind science is not that, once something is ‘discovered,’ it is universally accepted or acknowledged, it is merely something put forward until something better comes along.”

Another caller is getting tired of the promotional announcements that we are airing to solicit listener feedback, “You two little samples, when you ask for feedback are getting a little bit old.  So, I just thought maybe you could find some new feedback samples for a while.”

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