Feedback on Special Coverage, Ark Park Story

Nov 16, 2015

On Friday evening, we chose to preempt some of our evening programming, namely the Dinner Party Download, This American Life and SNAP Judgment so we could carry special coverage of the Paris attacks.  We’ve had numerous comments from listeners endorsing that choice. 

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Among them is a tweet from Joe who wrote, “Great choice. Thank you for your continued excellence.”

As always, our intention is to make sure that listeners can count on WEKU for coverage of major news such as that of Friday’s events and of last week’s funeral service in honor of fallen Richmond police officer Daniel Ellis.

At WEKU dot FM, a website visitor commented in reply to the news story, Ark Park’s Ken Ham Wants Court To Rule On Tax Incentives

Bill wrote, “ Yes, promises should be kept. Williamstown's Mayor Skinner was initially told there would be no discrimination in hiring for the amusement park and so were state officials. Then Ken Ham and company changed their story and said they would discriminate based on religion and only a certain type of Christian would be hired.

That is why it went to court. Blatant religious discrimination should never be rewarded with tax incentives. The ones who are crying religious discrimination here are the ones who intend to practice it.”

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