Feedback: "Sneaking" God into Public Radio & A Veteran's Story

Nov 11, 2013

We’ve had a number of calls this week, including this one from a gentleman who was listening to Q with Jian Ghomeshi on Tuesday. “The announcer decided he was going to sneak in a little comment about praising God.  This is a public radio station.  We don’t need any religious commentary like that from announcers.  So, please don’t do that again.”

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Since I believe I myself was the "announcer" this gentleman heard, I can report that what he heard was a message from one of our station’s supporters who chose to be a Day Sponsor.  He does raise a good point so I will ask you, do you feel a message thanking God is appropriate in a Day Sponsorship? Please call or email us with your opinion on this.

The following message came in for last Thursday’s Eastern Standard Show and, since today is Veteran’s Day, we’re more than glad to pass along this gentleman’s message, “Seventy years ago this month, I was drafted into the Navy.  I graduated from high school in 1943 in June and in November was sent from Clinton County, Illinois to Chicago and then Farragut, Idaho where there was a big naval training station.  When I returned two years, seven months and three days later, I completed by education thanks to the G.I. Bill and I’m very grateful for that program.  I just wanted to thank you for your program today.”

We’d love to hear your feedback, especially on the question of mentioning God in messages of funding support.  You can leave a voice message at 859-622-1657 or send your feedback by e-mail to: WEKU at eku dot edu. The number again is 859-622-1657 and the email: WEKU at eku dot fm.

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