Feedback: Signal Interruptions & Web Stream Issues

Jul 29, 2013

We’ve had a couple of notes about technical issues this past week, one by email from a listener named Gary.  He writes that he appreciates the fact that we provide a web stream but continues, “I wonder if the encoder is being driven a little hard. I frequently hear what sounds like overload distortion. Most recently, I have heard it on live audio during All Things Considered. A frequent offense is the intro to Q on weekday afternoons.”

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Our reply to Gary, “When the audio goes to our transmitters, the levels are controlled by processing equipment specifically designed for that purpose.  As a result, those listening over the air rarely hear problems of the type you mention.

Since we do not have the same quality of processing on our web streams, keeping the sound level even is more of a challenge.  Another factor is that we do not monitor the web audio as closely as we do the on-air signal but, we’ll be paying extra attention to both of our web streams this week and see if we can’t do some fine tuning.

Phyllis, from Prestonburg, writes, “I’m getting a lot of interference from another station.  At one point last Saturday, the other station took over completely.  I assume this is because of atmospheric conditions, but in case it’s technology thought I’d say something.”

Our best guess is that what Phyllis is hearing is related to atmospheric conditions, specifically conditions that are more common during the summer months.  If that is the case, it’s something we can’t do anything about but that we know will clear up or remain very sporadic.

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