Feedback on Shooting Coverage, Eastern Standard, News Stories

Jun 20, 2016

Diane, of Wilmore, emailed us, ”I was so glad on Sunday, 6/12/16 to hear that the news stayed on the tragedy in Orlando and preempted the lame replay of Prairie Home Companion.   I drive home from Berea to Lexington most Sunday afternoons and always tune to another channel to avoid the Prairie Home Companion.” 

Later in the week, in fact on Friday after the week’s detailed coverage from NPR, Susan, from Corbin, posted on Facebook, “"Enough already on the mass shootings.”

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Listener Pat emailed us after last Thursday’s Eastern Standard show,  “Thanks for the very moving and informative broadcast about Parents of Murdered Children. I am constantly impressed by the very high "standard" of journalism on Eastern Standard and look forward to each new broadcast. Keep up the good work!”

In response to out news story,  Kentucky River Sweeps Cleans up in 18 Counties, an anonymous visitor to the website at wrote, “They don't throw refrigerators in the river anymore because you can scrap them for a little bit of dope money.”

An older story on the website headlined Lawmaker Will Target Kentucky Constables In 2014 Session received a comment which we think may be the result of a recent investigative story we aired. The writer said, “The office of Constable is the last truly "public service" position in Kentucky, and the county in which I reside has no Constable at all, because no one wants to even run for an elected position that pays nothing, even though every other elected office in the county pays a handsome salary.

We’re always interested in your feedback.  Write to us at:, post on Facebook or send a tweet @889weku or leave a voice message at 859-622-1657.

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