Feedback on Scratchy Voice, WEKU Listener on Sunday Puzzle

Feb 22, 2016

Listener Linda wrote in at the end of last week,  “It's unbelievable to me that you continue to go on air when you don't have the ability to read the news in a fluent or conversational manner. But the last few days subjecting us to your voice is in its current condition shows your inconsideration for the audience. Is there no one to fill in for hosts when they are clearly too sick to go on?."

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Linda continues, "As an avid radio listener & long time supporter of NPR it's disturbing & distracting when the news is being read by someone who clearly doesn't have "the gift" - that wonderful combination of a pleasing and interesting voice coupled with the ability to read in a conversational, understandable manner.”

We’re grateful to Linda for sharing her opinion. I wrote to her assuring her that I spent a lot of time last week agonizing whether or not to go on the air with an impaired voice.

As a matter fact, I've kept myself off the air most of the week until I felt that the voice had improved enough to be presentable. I'm very sorry that you feel I returned too soon. 

I will keep your comments in mind the next time I suffer a sinus infection or cold.

Meanwhile, a special note of congratulations to WEKU listener Mary Anne Geddert of Georgetown, KY. She was the winner of the weekly puzzle on yesterday’s Weekend Edition Sunday.

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