Feedback: Reactions to Stories, Listener Likes It All

Mar 3, 2014

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One of the things we don't talk about often enough is the fact that listeners can post comments to news stories on the our website. It's called the Disqus feature with "Disqus" spelled with a Q.  Some comments this week included one in reaction to the headline, Lexington Still Seeking Affordable Housing Solution.

Leah responded, “As a transplanted New Yorker who’s been in the rental market here twice over the last year, I can testify that there is nothing BUT affordable housing in Lexington! My sister and cousin back home recently discovered that a mentally disabled distant relative had become homeless. They found an understanding landlord who let him have a one-room efficiency in an illegally subdivided house for just $700, $50 short of his entire monthly income.

I note that the federal poverty level there is the same as it is here."

We've had, of course, a number of stories on the court ruling regarding Kentucky and the the recognition of same-sex marriages from out of state. The headline Family Foundation Reacts to Same-Sex Marriage Ruling got a response from a writer, identifying as “Edgar.” He says "Martin Cothran, with the Family Foundation of Kentucky, says the 2004 constitutional amendment banning gay marriage in the state represents the will of the people.

Martin, I'll bet you wouldn't be so anxious to uphold 'the will of the people' if a vote was held, regarding YOUR rights."

From the WEKU Listener Comment Line, a caller, choosing to remain anonymous, "I love everything pretty much all day long. If I'm on a day off and I can listen to it all day, I actually do.  And it's really just not the weekend until I hear The Dinner Party Download and Ira Glass with This American Life and Glynn Washington (Snap Judgment.)"

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