Feedback: Reactions to Rowan Clerk Story, Comments from Weekend Festivals

Aug 24, 2015

The news story on the WEKU website headlined,  Judge Orders County Clerk to Issue Marriage Licenses by August 31st, received a number of comments in the Disqus area attached to the story.

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Among those comments, one from a writer self-identifying as “Stryke,”  “So, in America, a land of laws, any little two-bit clerk can just pick and choose which ones he/she will abide by and enforce? Regardless of Supreme Court rulings? Have we gone utterly insane?” 

“Chris” retorted,  “Yeah, because she has a religion that she'd like to enforce upon her county ...”

Mike chimed in,  “Ms. Davis finds HER religious beliefs so important, that she can totally disregard the religious beliefs of others!”   He went on, “She is, in effect, trying to shred the Constitution, a document she took an oath to defend and support.”

The past two weekends, WEKU staff have attended two area festivals, namely the Woodland Art Fair and Crave Lexington.  While there, we solicited comments from listeners and here are a few excerpts.

From Woodland, here’s Kellie: “Most of the stations around here are just local news, so I like it because on WEKU it kind of gives a broad spectrum like above and beyond the local news.  I can find out about the whole world.”

This past weekend at the Crave Festival, we met Ted: “My favorite show is Fresh Air with Terry Gross. I think it’s her natural curiosity.  It kind of goes kind of like mine does. She almost thinks like I do and she has a great sense of humor.”

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