Feedback: Reactions to Eastern Standard Heroin Discussion

Oct 13, 2014

We had many great comments from listeners who made donations during last week’s fund drive. Hopefully, we can share some of them next week but, this week, I’m passing on some reactions to the Eastern Standard discussion about the explosion of Heroin deaths in Lexington.

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A listener posting online at WEKU dot FM, identifying herself as “Sick & Mean,” wrote, “Addiction is an illness, similar to that of many other mental illnesses.  Since 2011 I have lost four awesome friends in the Lexington area to overdoses. At this point I believe drug abuse is only a symptom of something worse going on in our society.”

Another visitor to the website, identifying himself as “jcspires51” wrote, “Americans are a relatively educated people. Yet anyone who reads, say, People Magazine, knows how heroin destroyed the lives of highly intelligent people like Academy Award-winning actor Phillip Seymour Hoffman and others. People who should have known better. WHY are people still falling victim to drug abuse? My only conclusion is that some people just choose ignorance over being informed.”

An anonymous writer chimed in to say, ”The heroin use in Kentucky spiked precisely because of the regulation on pain pills. When the bill was passed the addicts couldn't find their pill anymore or they were extremely expensive because the supply was suddenly very low.

Opiate addiction is a public health problem not a criminal one. It should be treated as a public health problem. Tax payers will pay the bill one way or the other. No one wants this but it is the unfortunate reality.”

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