Feedback: Re-runs "Intolerable" For Listener Of 20-plus Years

Jul 15, 2013

Last week, we passed along a comment from Richard in Lexington who advised us to not waste our money on future Capitol Steps specials.  We’ve had just one reply to a request for others to weigh in.  Samantha wrote, “I have to say that I agree. I thought I was a little late tuning in to The World but was unpleasantly surprised when I heard a song about the upcoming royal baby instead.”

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By e-mail, we heard from a 20-plus-year listener, who observes a trend he says is becoming intolerable, namely repeats. Quoting Alex, “Right now I'm hearing an episode of Wits that I've heard at least once before.  I've heard repeats of Ask Me Another, This American Life, and others including Wait Wait, RadioLab and Fresh Air.”

We sent him a note, explaining that the re-runs are a result of choices by show producers and assuring him we’ll keep an ear on some of the programs he’s mentioned.   We share his concerns about repeats beyond those that may be reasonable during the summer and at holidays.

Alex mentioned, by the way, that he has discovered a new classical station out of Lawrenceburg.  That is, of course, our “sister station,” Classic 102.1 WKYL. 

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