Feedback: Question from Hazard, Thanks for Socialism 'Ditty'

Mar 14, 2016

Here’s an email from Alan, presumably in the Prestonsburg area,  “My wife and I have been consistent and faithful listeners and supporters of WEKU since our daughters attended EKU several years ago. WEKU, at 90.9 Hazard, has been part of our daily regimen for all that time."  

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Alan continues, "As of late however, we have been unable to listen to the station because of poor reception. Has your Hazard transmitter gone down or is there some other problem? We would like to regain the channel and to once again become donating partners with the station.”

We’ll be writing back directly to professor Alan with the information that we are moving forward with plans to replace the Hazard transmitter that failed last summer.  We apologize that many listeners who were dependent on the 90.9 signal have not had access to it since about June. We’ve been operating at greatly reduced power but hope to get that station back to full strength this spring.

As part of Thursday’s Eastern Standard show, we passed on a video that was shared with us featuring a cute little song about Democratic Socialism.  On Facebook, Anne commented, “Love this ditty and video. I loved your program, too. It covered a lot of territory in a very helpful way. Thank you for the discussion.”

And one more item I need to let you know about, in response to questions about how to improve our traffic reporting during Morning Edition and All Things Considered.  I am pleased to let you know that now, if you see something we should know about when you’re out on the streets and highways, you can call us and let us know about.  Just dial our toll-free number 800-621-8890 and listen for the option of contacting the station’s Master Control Room.

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