Feedback: Pronunciations, Bernie Sanders and WWDTM on Auschwitz

Sep 14, 2015

A Lexington listener emailed us, asking to remain anonymous.  He begins by saying, “Thanks for the rush hour traffic reports.”  He then points out that we sometimes mispronounce one of the boulevards in Lexington, saying,  “Aristides is pronounced with the accent on the second “i,” which is a “long” “i,” as in Aphrodite, instead of like Euripides.”  

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Aristides, the horse, won the first Kentucky Derby in 1875.

We forwarded the following to NPR from listener Antoinette, “Is it true that NPR will not include Bernie Sanders as a viable candidate for the democratic presidential nomination? If it is true is there an official explanation?

Is it true that NPR receives a substantial amount of its funding from the Koch brothers? These are rumors being circulated on Facebook. I don't want to believe either of them, but I must say that the news programs like ATC and morning edition don't have much to say about Bernie- at least while I am listening.”

We forwarded the listener’s email to NPR and we’ll have a summary of their reply next week.

The following came in via the WEKU Listener Comment Line, “During the most recent airing of Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, Saturday September 5th, there was probably one of the most insensitive and demeaning presentations/conversations about Auschwitz.  And to, make fun of and laugh at what happened at Aurschwitz is boggling to me.”

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