Feedback: Overnight Music on 102.1, Hemp Film Screened, TAL & Snap Judgment Airing Same Story

Apr 7, 2014

We begin this week with two messages from the Listener Comment Line.  First, Bill, "I congratulate you all on the fine music that you provide all of us on 102.1"

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Bill continues, "I suggest it's a great source of comfort at night for insomniacs that have trouble sleeping. I would only urge you to play long-haired music like Bach, Beethoven and Brahms that's more soothing on the sound and assist in sleep."


The next comment came from Terry, "I'm enjoying listening to the feature on hemp in Kentucky and I was wondering if you would make a public service announcement.  Good Foods Coop, in Lexington, is showing the hemp film called Bringing It Home Tuesday April 22 at 6:30 pm at the downtown public library.  It's free to the public and it tells the story of industrial hemp, past present and future."

On Facebook, Kallie, from Lexington, wrote, “Love to listen to the station- since I hardly watch TV - except to watch pre-taped jeopardy with my family - the music and NPR news!”

We had a tweet from Marshall, “OK, did @ThisAmerLife and @snapjudgment just run the same story? It wouldn't normally bother me but they are back to back on @889WEKU!”

Snap Judgment tweeted a reply, “‪@snapjudgment ‪@jhingsbergen ‪@Marshallblevins ‪@ThisAmerLife ‪@889WEKU Yikes! What are the chances! This is an encore airing, next time we'll coordinate.”

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