Feedback: NPR Kindle App, Mail List Issue, WKYL Reception Tip

Jun 16, 2015

Pat emails us, “I love the NPR app for my Kindle, but WEKU seems to have disappeared.  I have tried zip code, city/state and call letters with no success. Any search tips?” 

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We’re not sure what’s going on with the Kindle app for NPR but we’re going to check it out and report back to our listeners at a later date.

Meanwhile Connie writes, “A recent letter promoting the summer fund drive closed with, “It’s been a while since we’ve heard from you.”  I donated in February 2015, February 2014, February 2012, February and October 2010.  I’m sure I also donated in 2011 and 2013, but I apparently tore those pages out of the notebook I use to track donations.  I’m not upset about this but call it to your attention in case I am duplicated on your mailing list.”

Connie goes on to say,  “I’ll try in the future to ignore my donations schedule and contribute when there is a drawing available!  I seem to miss out on the goodies."

We wrote back to Connie advising that she go to the website at and submit a “contest entry” instead of a pledge.

And finally, a call from Classic 102.1 listener Lee, from Lexington, “The person who wanted more power for WKYL may be able to achieve a satisfactory signal by switching equipment to ‘mono’.”

Great advice, Lee.  We know listeners will need to check out how to switch their receiver to “mono” based on the specific equipment they are using.

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