Feedback on News, 102.1 Streaming, Michael Carter

Oct 5, 2015

On the station website at, listener Don wrote a comment in response to a news story by reporter Stu Johnson, headlined Eastern Kentucky Residents Steadily Moving Forward Following Summer Floods,  Don wrote, “Wonderful writing Stu! Keep reporting on life and living!”

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A note from Jeff in Lexington reads, “While streaming 102.1, I often hear ghost audio in the background.  Are you re-using old magnetic media?  Is there anything that can be done to minimize the ghosts talking behind the music?”

My reply to Jeff let him know that we were aware of some of this “crosstalk” in the 102.1 streaming signal at one time but we thought it had been cleared up in re-wiring.  We’ll take a look at it this week and figure out what’s going on.

It’s certainly not magnetic media.  What it would be is signal leakage from other programming being picked up in the wiring, something that should be relatively easy to fix.

While on the subject of Classic 102.1, here’s a note we received from listener James, “I was wondering whether Michael Carter is seriously ill.  The last time I heard him he was complaining of a heavy cold and he has not been on the air since.  I hope he is getting better.  I really enjoy his commentary and line up of Morning Classics.”

Michael has been off the air from his morning show for the past three weeks or so due to medical problems.  We are glad to report that he is recuperating and we hope he’ll be back on 102.1 soon.”

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