Feedback on New Prairie Home Companion Host, Classic 102.1

Aug 15, 2016

Here’s an email from Lisa in Berea,  “Hey! It's taken me a while to respond to something I heard during your last fund drive, but here I am now.  I noticed what seemed like a lot of negative comments about the development of the Prairie Home Companion's new format. I disagree." 

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Lisa continues, "I like that they are trying something new with a new host. I like that they focused on his strengths and expertise. I hope they will continue to explore ways to do drama, storytelling and comedy, but I appreciate the shift in emphasis.”

Here’s a call we received from a new resident of the area, Tom, “I just moved here from Maysville and I tuned in to ‘KYL and I gotta tell you, you have an absolutely beyond fabulous station.  I’ve come up the last 34 year with the almighty WGUC, Cincinnati. It pales in comparison. They’re stuck in the 17 and 1800s.  You guys play the whole panorama.  Keep that incredible 20th Century classical music on.  Thanks so much.”

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