Feedback: Need Solutions in Political Fight Coverage, More Info in Traffic Reports

Oct 21, 2013

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Jonathon, from Lexington, Posted on our Facebook page “NPR has spent so many hours discussing who won the recent political fight, yet we have not offered up our own solutions or presented solutions offered by think tanks. Lets start compiling a list of cuttable items in the budget that make sense to normal people."

Jonathon continues, "Right before Obama won his second term, I would listen to Obama bashing on AM stations. After he won, I thought they would start discussing issues that they could affect, but not one change was made to the programming and I knew it would be a long four years.”

Here’s a comment, offered with a donation from Richard in Lexington, “I trust NPR News. Period. I love your amazing array of programs such as This American Life, Ted Talks, et al, and Terry Gross, and Bob Edwards. I'm even beginning to like that cooking show with Lynn Rosetto Casper.”

And finally, from the Listener Comment Line, Brack from Lexington, “Yesterday is a perfect example, of the wreck that was on I-75.  It sure would be helpful when you all are announcing that, that you tell us about where mile marker 98 is.  I mean, who knows where that is? Is it north of Lexington, south of Lexington?  Nobody knows for sure.  It would be helpful if you all would just add that so local people will have an idea of what you are talking about.”

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