Feedback: More on Web Stream Pre-Roll and Rough Start to Sunday

Apr 27, 2015

Our comments this week are, as is often the case, all focused on technical matters. Last week, a listener informed us that the pre-roll message on our web audio stream is still playing on one device, her Kindle.

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We’ll be checking that out and trying again to eradicate that message that has outlived its usefulness.

Meanwhile, just yesterday (Sunday) we had an outage of all “live” network audio.  It apparently began with newscasts earlier in the morning, but became most evident when it was time for Weekend Edition.

Here’s a call from Alyce, “ I hope everything is OK at the station because the news breaks are being missed and now there’s just nothing but “dead air” so I guess your power is off again.”

From another caller, “Obviously, there is some storm damage or something to an antenna or a wire somewhere. I think you’re doing a great job under a very stressful situation and I’m staying tuned in. And, we’re going to brave this storm together.”  Thanks to Ryan for riding out the metaphorical “storm” with us.

Thanks also to those who posted on Facebook, called or sent emails.  You can see an explanation of what occurred on the WEKU Facebook page but, to keep it brief on the air, the problem was caused by the failure of a so-called UPS or “uninterruptible power supply.”

In response to one caller, yes our Chief Engineer officially “retired” a number of years ago.  Now, he does or coordinates the electronic repair and installation for our 10 transmitters as a part-time job 20-hours-per-week.

Thankfully, we also have three other part-time engineers to help out, but not nearly enough to avoid all possible technical glitches.

Thanks to all our listeners for your continued support and understanding.

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