Feedback: More reaction to WEKU fundraising

Jun 24, 2013

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We had yet another comment about our end-of-fiscal-year fund drive, completed a week ago last Friday.  This listener from Lexington, choosing to remain anonymous, was astounded that it took two and a half days to persuade about 200 people to donate 25 thousand dollars.

His point, as those of us working in public broadcasting, and many of our supporters, already know, is that with thousands of people listening to the WEKU stations, so few people actually contribute. We know the majority of listeners don’t give to the station financially, yet we are grateful to those who do.

During our fund drives, we often say that we read every comment submitted with donations.  That is absolutely true and I’d like to take a moment to share just a few that came in during last week’s drive.

Terry, from Versailles, noted that she appreciates Stu Johnson’s reporting on domestic violence.

Brian, from Lexington says, “It’s the station I go to for news.”

Karen, from Hazard, says she loves WEKU, specifically noting ”I appreciate your special programming when some big event occurs.”

And Bryan, from Louisville, is a fan of On Point, A Prairie Home Companion,  Radio Lab, Snap Judgment and This American Life, but tells us he’s leaving to teach high school in Kazakhstan this fall.  He hopes to keep connected with streaming online.

These comments are, of course, a brief sample of what we hear from our donors.  If you didn’t hear you comment, send it to us or call it in. You can e-mail us at WEKU at, post on Facebook or call our Listener Comment Line, 859-622-1657. 

We’ll gladly keep your comment anonymous but please be sure to leave your name and callback information.  That number again is 859-622-1657.

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