Feedback: More Questions About Hazard, Friday Evening Changes, Jonese Franklin's Voice

Jul 27, 2015

Here's an email we received from listener, Jerry, "I  live in Johnson City, Tennessee and my family lives in Lee County Virginia. We can no longer hear WEKU on the radio. Please get it back on the air. What is the problem?"

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Jerry's email represents numerous emails, phone calls and other messages we’ve been receiving for the greater part of the past two weeks.

To summarize what we mentioned here last week, the WEKH transmitter at 90.9 FM in Hazard is beyond repair and we are pursuing a means of funding the more than 200 thousand dollar replacement.  Until then, we are operating at very low power and that signal is being heard for only about 20 miles from Hazard.

We’ll let everyone know once we identify the means of restoring the 90.9 signal.

Meanwhile, from the Listener Comment Line.  First up, Stephanie, “Thank you all for adding the Friday edition of The World before The Dinner Party Download begins. It seems like a more gradual transition into the weekend and gives just a little last bit of news before the weekend storytelling and fun begins.”

Here’s a comment from a listener choosing to remain anonymous, “I like to listen to everything on WEKU from Car Talk to Here and Now. I just love Jonese Franklin’s voice. It’s just so natural and smooth and relaxing to listen to.  We appreciate you guys.  Have a good ‘un.”

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