Feedback: Missing Element in Danville Story & What's Up With 'So?'

Sep 22, 2014

From the Listener Comment Line, a caller choosing to remain anonymous tells us we, along with other area media, missed an element of a recent story from Danville.

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The caller says, “A young girl got shot.  What failed to be reported by every single news station is the fact that she was treated at the local hospital, with a lot of work from a lot of team members who put a lot of heart and love into her care.  And yet, it was gleaned over and simply stated that she was flown to U.K.”

We received a Facebook post from Robert, of Lexington, sharing with us a message he posted to his own timeline, “What is up with everyone being interviewed on public radio these days beginning every answer with the word "So?"

And, it's spreading. I got in line at the Apple Store on Friday (please don't judge me) to get a glimpse of the new iPhones and as the Apple minion worked the line (gotta give Apple credit for good customer service), the lady in front of me began every single sentence -- questions as well as answers -- with "So . . . "

Is this the end of Western civilization as we know it?”

Robert also pointed out one example of this “so” phenomenon from a guest during one of our recent productions of Eastern Standard.

I cannot help but respond by saying Robert is addressing a pet peeve of mine.  There are, of course, others but, some of these are beyond our control. 

This note came by email earlier this month from Ruth, a listener to our sister station, Classic 102.1.  She writes, “I have it on in home all day long. WISH I could get it on a radio that is in a more "inside" location of home as well...I also listen in the car and alternate with 88.9.  A rare treat to have good classical music available all day and then the jazz in evening...KEEP IT UP.”

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