Feedback: Listeners react to special bluegrass programming

Jun 10, 2013

A listener, choosing to remain anonymous, sent us a note following last week’s coverage of The Best of Bluegrass activities, “I really enjoyed the Gangstagrass and Appalatin music tonight. Thank  you for incorporating those two shows. I have enjoyed all the bluegrass coverage  this week.”

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Facebook follower, Robert, of Beattyville, posted the following simple message, “Liked Gangstagrass.”

One caller from Lexington, was not at all happy about the special coverage, especially since it disrupted an hour of Performance Today each of the evenings.

Facebook follower, Bruce, posted the following, “Please bring back the 2nd hour of On Point on Tuesdays!”
We had an e-mail from Evelyn in Frankfort regarding something she heard on Michael Carter’s program on our sister station, Classic 102.1.  “Thank you for the wonderful Glenn Gould's "Goldberg Variations" today.  I had the old 33 recording of the first years ago.  More recently I bought the "Sense of Wonder" anniversary one. This was a great pianist.”

We're grateful for all the comments and invite you to keep sending them along.  And special thanks to the gentleman from Frankfort who pointed out a problem with our 4:00 am Sunday broadcasts of Folk Alley.  Thanks to you, David, we’ve fixed that one and you won’t have to keep hearing the same hour of the program over and over anymore.

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