Feedback: Listeners Help Keep WEKU Accurate

Jan 20, 2014

On Friday morning, we received a tweet from listener Daniel , “Why did you announce Berea College was on a 2 hr delay? I can't find any other source saying so including email from the college.”

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As the person on the air during the morning in question, I was very aware that Berea College was NOT on delay or closed.  Daniel apparently caught me in a slip that resulted in the mistake.   What was true is that earliest reports were about Berea Community Schools on such delay.   And, of course, that situation had changed so the schools were actually closed.

We hope you heard that we reacted quickly (actually twice) to pass on the correct information.  We appreciate and encourage immediate feedback of this type so we can be as accurate as possible on everything we report. 

In fact, we had a similar situation earlier last week with a Facebook message from MaryLinda in Frankfort.  She heard an error in a weather forecast which it took us a while to correct, just because no one had been looking at the Facebook account.  Coincidentally, we also had another instance of mistaken identity between Berea Community Schools and the college. 

Here’s a tip: The most efficient way of sending these ad hoc messages is by Twitter.  If you follow us @889weku, you can send us direct messages which will get noticed, and hopefully, a quick response and/or on-air correction.  This public radio thing is a team effort and we are grateful for all the help from our “teammates.”

We want to hear your feedback.  Leave a voice message at 859-622-1657 or send it by e-mail to: WEKU at eku dot edu. That Twitter address again is @889weku.

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