Feedback: Listener says Radiolab "Far Out" & Teacher Praises Ask Me Another

Aug 5, 2013

On the Listener Comment Line, a gentleman called who didn’t leave a name or callback information.  As a result, we can’t use his voice on the air but we can say that he is in general a fan and supporter of WEKU but not of our Friday or Saturday night programming or of Radio Lab. In fact, he says he tuned in to the show once and thought he had gotten another station.  He described Radiolab as “so far out, he thought he was on another planet.”

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Will is a listener to Classic 102.1 and a fan of Fred Child and Performance Today as well as Bill McLaughlin who hosts Exploring Music on weekday evenings.  He told us, “I’ve been listening to everything all the time.  I think the whole station is great.”

Another Classic 102.1 listener is Lee who is grateful to have that station and its music programming.  In contrast to Will, Performance Today and Exploring Music are his least favorite shows.  He says, “The best program you’ve ever had was Michael Carter. I hope you get him back.”

This weekend April, a math teacher in Woodford County, tweeted her appreciation of this weeks Ask Me Another show with math and science games.  April says, “So fun and great ideas for school.”

We’d love to share your comments with the rest of our listeners.  Regrettably, most of those who call the Listener Comment Line don’t leave names or contact info, although they are often leaving valid comments that we would love to put on the air.

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