Feedback: Listener Plays "Spin the Dial" to Hear WEKU

Oct 14, 2013

Sharee, from Corbin, writes, “I travel through Knox, Clay and Jackson counties at least once a week.  I always end up playing "Spin the dial---Find the WEKU station."  Transmission goes in and out and I am unable to keep it on a consistent station.  Are there plans in the works to up the transmission signal?”

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Our reply: We are not in a position to make changes that will affect the signal strength of our transmitters. The best advice we can offer is to set four presets on the car radio to 88.9, 88.5, 90.1 and 90.9. Those are the strongest signals but, in some places, because of the hilly or mountainous terrain, you may do best tuning to 95.1 in Pikeville, 96.3 in Harlan, 96.9 in Barbourville or 102.5 in Middlesboro.

Since we do not have one signal that covers all of these, about all we can suggest is that you do your best to organize the presets or keep a list of our frequencies handy.

Roger writes, “I seem to have misplaced StarDate on weekdays, and I don't see it on your schedule or A-Z listing. I do hear it on the weekends, have you dropped it on weekdays, or merely moved it? You were the last station to carry it in this area.”

Well Roger, you can now hear StarDate every night Mondays through Fridays at 9:04 pm as well as at 5:32 am. We apologize for not doing a better job of promoting the change when we made the move some weeks ago.

Terry from Lexington, an Iraqi War veteran called to say he enjoyed the segment on last Thursday’s edition of Story with Dick Gordon.

From the program, “Jack was a pilot with the U.S. Air Force.  He flew 140 combat missions in World War II.  He took his trumpet with him on every flight.”

Terry's comment, “I would like to thank public radio for immortalizing this story and I encourage WEKU to cover more stories like this.”

We’re grateful for all the comments and glad to keep your identity anonymous, even when you leave a voice message at 859-622-1657, but we do need to know who you are.  Send your e-mail to: WEKU at eku dot edu.  Our Twitter handle is @889weku.

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