Feedback: Listener Loves WEKU, says Streaming is Unreliable

Sep 2, 2013

We received a nice compliment along with a question from Stan, in Lexington.  He says by e-mail, “I love WEKU.  I listen to WEKU in my car, at my bedside table(alarm clock) and it is #1 in my car and my wife’s car, I have also been listening to it in my office via streaming on the computer. And Like I said “until recently” because for some reason the listening app is not working properly”

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We wrote back to Stan and he clarified that the issue is with the web stream on his desktop computer.  We’re not quite sure what’s happening but we’ll look into it this week, after the holiday.  Meanwhile, we’re wondering if anyone else is having this problem and can help us figure out when and eventually why.  Stay tuned for our contact information.

Karen, from Hazard, posted a note on Facebook, saying, “Thank you for your special coverage of the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington. I was not near a television & really appreciated being able to hear it on the radio.”

And here’s a call to the listener comment line from yet another fan of our music station in the Lexington area, Classic 102.1. She says, "I listen daily to your station and I congratulate you for having the courage, the strength and the insight to have this program coming through this station."  The caller went on to tell us to keep it on the air.

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