Feedback: Listener Hears Snoring in the Music

Oct 28, 2013

Last Tuesday night, we received a curious, if not mystifying message on the Listener Comment Line. A listener who didn’t want to be identified,  let alone heard on the air, commented that she was enjoying the classical music around 10 o'clock but that she could do without the sound of snoring in the middle of the music.

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Unable to determine what she might've heard, I contacted the providers of our music programming at that hour of the night, the Classical 24 network at American Public Media in Minnesota.

They had technicians look into what was going on and Ben in their master control told us quote, “The Violin and Oboe Concerto, was mixed in a way that the breathing of the Oboe player was more intimate than usual.”  He went on, “I guess it could be confused with snoring but it was merely a way to provide the necessary wind power to play the instrument.”

Here’s a brief sample of the piece.  See if you can hear anything that sounds like snoring….

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