Feedback: Listener Dislikes CBC's 'Q' for "Gay, Anti-White, Reverse-Racism"

Jun 6, 2016

We’re catching up on some message we received before the Memorial Day holiday. First, this call to the Comment Line from listener Josh, “Just curious why we continue to play (the) Q from Canadian Broadcasting System. It’s boring, repetitive and it seems as if every day there is some sort of gay or anti-white or some obscure reverse racism or reverse dogma that occurs on the show.”

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Josh continues, “It’s negative. It’s not a good listen. I refuse to listen to it each day and unfortunately that’s the time I turn WEKU off. So I would suggest you select something else that’s more entertaining or just more informative. Thank you. Bye.”

We also had a call from Roberta about our interruption of a story from NPR almost two weeks ago. It turns out the story was what we call a “format breaker” meaning it was longer than usual and extended beyond the time when there’s normally a station break.  We had aired the story in its entirety earlier that afternoon but failed to update our automation system for the 6:00 to 7:00 hour of All Things Considered.

A complete oversight on our part for which we apologize!

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