Feedback: Lex Phil Beethoven from Afar, Story Comment & Tech Issues (of course)

May 19, 2014

Steve emailed us, “It seems, after every cooperative concert with the Lexington Philharmonic, I as a singer in the Lexington Chamber Chorale, have an "issue" with WEKU. At Christmas it was a failure of my computer to make a good recording of the Messiah. Today it is my inability to sing with the chorale due to a family emergency. I am "stranded" in Dallas TX and hope to hear the Beethoven 9 when it is broadcast."

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(Steve continues) "So, my question: When will the Beethoven 9 be broadcast? I do want to

record it so I can judge whether the orchestra really did worsen their tuning as reviewed by Mr. Lindsay in the Herald-Leader. :) 

In response to a story on our website, headlined, “Study Shows Many Children Living with Grandparents Suffered Some Form of Earlier Abuse” Betty wrote in the Disqus section of the story, “They paid folks to do a study on this when they simply could have asked the kinship caregivers? We have our kinship children and grandchildren for a REASON!”

During the late afternoon, Thursday, Allison tweeted us, “Your broadcast in Hazard has weird feedback today, as if another station is playing music in the background. #techissues?”

We checked our systems and found no obvious problem so we speculate what she heard may have been interference due to atmospheric conditions, not all that unusual during the warmer months of the year. If that was the case, it's a bit earlier than usual but...given the weather so far this year...who knows?

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