Feedback: Ky Transplant in Texas Prefers WEKU

Aug 26, 2013

Jean e-mailed us from Houston, Texas with the following question, “What is wrong with your listener app?  It keeps cutting out.  Trying to stay with the times the more cumbersome streaming sign-on works better on my iPhone.”

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I sent Jean a note explaining that we have discovered that the Eastern Kentucky University app seems to work better for accessing both web streams for the WEKU stations.  Until we can afford to create a new station app, we advise using the university's.  Plus, you’ll get lots of other interesting information about EKU, a campus map and so forth.

Jean went on to explain that she prefers listening to WEKU over the local public radio station in her home of the past three years.

We’ve had some positive comments about last week’s Eastern Standard program that featured EKU’s new president Michael Benson as well as Dr. Aaron Thompson of the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education.  Also, a number of Facebook “likes” for freelance reporter Leslie Guttman’s NPR story about a Paris, Kentucky church that encourages its members to bring pets.

From our Listener Comment Line, a couple of comments about our sister station Classic 102.1, first up Alice, “I have to tell you how much I appreciate the classical music I’m hearing on Friday on your station.  I love it a whole lot.”   From a caller who chose to remain anonymous, “I think it’s real important to, at the beginning and the end, to slowly and clearly say who the composer was and who the piece is.” The gentleman went on to let us know he is very unhappy with WKYL’s technical issues.

We’d love to put your comments on the air.  We’ll gladly keep your identity anonymous but we do need to know who you are, especially when you call 859-622-1657.  You can email your feedback to: WEKU at eku dot edu, leave a comment on Facebook or even tweet it. (@889weku)

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