Feedback: Kudos, Traffic Woes and 'Love that Jazz'

Mar 23, 2015

We start with an email note from Connie, “As I listened to feedback this morning, I felt compelled to speak up and say how much I value your programming (except for Ask Me Another) and how glad I am that I can receive it from the Hazard transmitter.(90.9)"

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Connie continued, "If the transmission gets staticky, I listen on my phone and have never had a problem.  Anyway, I wanted to send you a big thumbs-up.”

We had a note last week from Rodney, “I called in two accidents this morning that significantly impacted my commute to work in Jessamine county.  I did not hear an announcement at any time even though you did announce other closures.”

Rodney went on to tell us that he was changing stations and that WEKU had lost a listener.

I did a little research on this and discovered that morning anchor Bryan Bartlett received Rodney’s call and relayed his message about the accidents on the air at the next opportunity.  Appropriately, Bryan advised listeners that this was an unverified report.

For the record, we are doing what we can to relay accurate information about traffic, when that information is available. We are continuing to look into how to do a better and more comprehensive job despite our very limited staffing resources.

And finally, from the Listener Comment Line, “Hey, I love your jazz on Friday night.  It really adds a lot of variety to your programming and it’s great late night music.  Thanks a lot, keep it up.”  That message was from David, in Lexington, by the way.  “Love that jazz.”

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