Feedback: ISIS Coverage refers to Christians as "Minorities," Response to Pastors on Gay Marriage

Aug 11, 2014

Doug emailed us, looking for the online version of an NPR story, which we were able to locate for him.  He went on to say, “I certainly enjoy and support your station due to all the diversity that you have throughout the day. I travel a lot in my job and I keep you tuned in. Coming to work and going home WEKU keeps me updated as to what is happened over night and throughout the day.”

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Charles left a message on the Listener Comment Line with a concern about a news report that he heard, “I heard once again, the people persecuted and driven from their homes and massacred by ISIS as ‘minorities.’

The truth is one of the groups certainly being attacked by ISIS is Christians. Christians are not a minority from a global standpoint. To refuse to report that Christians are being attacked, and to relegate them to the status as an unnamed minority, is mind-blowing!”

A visitor to the WEKU website, identifying himself as “Philip From NYC” posted a comment on Stu Johnson’s story, headlined Gay Marriage Through the Eyes of Two Pastors, “Those pastors and ministers of religion who believe that marriage is and will always be a union of one man and one woman are denying reality. Nineteen states and the District of Columbia have legalized gay marriage, and an avalanche of roughly 25 federal, state, and appellate court opinions in favor of marriage equality has swept across the nation.

Those in this debate who argue that the legalization of gay marriage will violate their religious tenets need not be concerned -- they will not be required to recognize gay marriage.”

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