Feedback: Interrupting programming for fundraising, Pikeville vs. Milwaukee

Oct 7, 2013

Our just-ended Fall Fund Drive is the subject of this Thursday email from listener Joan. “You are hurting your supporters.  How can you justify to interrupt the middle of a show like On Point where it is important to hear the whole topic.  I just have to turn it off and turn it on after your interference."

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Joan continues, "On news shows you should only break in at the start and end of the program.  I have contributed but do not want to be punished by having you continually interrupt a show.”

Cynthia, from Lexington, says, “I really miss the classical music that you used to have. I do not listen very often any more and have not given for a while - but I do sometimes listen to the news programs so I thought I should give you something.”

Along with a pledge on Friday, Dana from Pikeville wrote, “Recently moved to Pikeville from Milwaukee, WI and happy to find I can still get great NPR programming from WEKU. Not only do I still get to hear Fresh Air and Wait, Wait as before, but I'm also enjoying some shows that were not in the lineup in Milwaukee, like Q with Jian Ghomeshi and The World. The only request I have is for more local or eastern KY news updates instead of the Lexington-based news.

Andrew, from Lexington, writes, “Really like talk, not music, during the day. Would like talk 24 hours. Abandoning (the other station in Lexington) because they stopped having BBC during the night. Would like WEKU to pick that up.”

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