Feedback: How To Be a Day Sponsor, Listeners New to the Area

Apr 21, 2014

As we approach the May 7th date for the first-ever WEKU Day Sponsor reception, we've received numerous emails from listeners wondering about how to convert their existing memberships into Day Sponsorships.  

  That's a simple matter: If you have donated a total of more than $180 during the past year or if you are on the books for a new membership at that level, all you need to do is let is let us know the day on which you would like to use your day sponsorship.

And, the fact is, even if you have not actually used a day sponsorship for which you are eligible, donors at that level are still welcome to attend the May 7th event.  Contact our membership coordinator, Julie Tennill via our main phone number at 800-621-8890 or send us a message using the contact information we'll give in a few moments.

The amount of feedback has been a bit slow for the week prior to the Easter holiday but here are a couple of comments from recent weeks, sent along with donations;

Molly, from Lexington, wrote, “Most favorite show hosts: Ira Glass, Scott Simon, Steve Inskeep, and Melissa Block. Announcers' voices are very important. I find Renee Montaigne's (Morning Edition)very hard to listen to.”

Listener from Paintsville, “Moving to rural Kentucky from Madison, Wisconsin has been tough: thank goodness we can count on public radio! It's a new state, but it's the same high quality of news, discussion, and entertainment.” 

Another from Georgetown, “I moved to Kentucky in September of 2013. I was a listener of public radio in Michigan previously. I do miss the Diane Rehm show.”

We're grateful for any and all Feedback.  Don't forget you can post comments on stories on the station website or on Facebook, follow us and send a tweet to @889weku, send an email to WEKU @ or call 859-622-1657

Then tune in again next Monday at 6:33 or 8:49 am or 5;33 pm for Listener Feedback on WEKU.