Feedback: Fruits & Veggies Not That Expensive; Valentine's Day Love for WEKU

Feb 17, 2014

Here's part of a note from listener, Phyllis, referring to an Eastern Standard show earlier this month, “I’m appalled that people persist in thinking that fruits and vegetables are too expensive." She continues,  "Let me refer you to US Dept of Agriculture Information Bulletin Number 790, 'How Much Do Americans Pay for Fruits and Vegetables,' July 2004,  p.26, Table 5.  Seven ways to eat 3 servings of fruit and 4 servings of vegetables per day for a dollar or less.'

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Furthermore, as an outsider, I’ve been greatly impressed by the local nutritional genius of soup beans, collards, and corn bread. I checked with my ag extension, and I’m told that there’s so much fiber in beans there’s no need to worry about the lard in soup beans and you can use oils if you wish. I did the calculations, and you can serve soup beans for 8 cents ($0.08) per serving! Goodness. Celebrate Kentucky culture and eat soup beans."

Patty, from Mt. Sterling, posted on our Facebook page, “I love this radio station. I have been a long time listener of public radio from the Phoenix Market, KJZZ, and they set a high bar. If possible, I think you have surpassed it.”

And, on a technical note, we had problems with the transmitter for WEKH, Hazard last Thursday and Friday. Thanks to those who wrote or called about it, especially Billy. Following a power outage, the transmitter wouldn't come back until engineer Phil Hayes made the trek up Buffalo Mountain to re-set it. Check out the Facebook page or the WEKU website to see why it took so long to get it back on.

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