Feedback: EKU Alum in Tennessee, Still Supporting, Listener Grateful for WKYL

Jan 4, 2016

Here’s a note from one of our earliest donors of the year 2016.  Daniel writes from Jellico, Tennessee, “I am an alumnus of Eastern Kentucky University. I recently left central KY to move back home and pursue my PhD at the University of Tennessee. My time in Richmond will always be special to me, and WEKU was a big part of that. I'm still listening!.” 

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And finally, a comment from Lee, a regular listener to our sister station, Classic 102.1, “In answer to the folks who called and complained about the transmission glitch during the Christmas concert on WKYL, we are darned lucky to have such a good station. I’ve listened to classical music FM stations while traveling from Savannah to Duluth, to Denver and points in between and none of them is any better than WKYL.” 

Lee continues, “I personally know that Roger and John have been working like demons to get the glitches out of that nightmare of a system. They now have them down to as many in a year as there used to be in a week.”

We’re grateful for the kind words, Lee but we’re still appalled whenever we have technical “glitches” either on 102.1, 88.9 or any of the other 8 frequencies we operate. We resolve to reduce even further the technical and operational problems during 2016

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