Feedback on 'Defensive & Inconsiderate' Response, 'Liberal Echo Chamber'

May 1, 2017

For a couple of reasons, it’s been a few weeks since aired listener feedback so here’s a comment by email from listener Bruno from Aprill 11. 

He says, “I was listening to WEKU  when you provided responses to two listener comments: one comment was on the quality of a news story, the other on an announcer seeming to indicate that Friday April 7 was Good Friday."

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Bruno continues, "You addressed the shortcomings of the news article by saying that it was actually a story that you got from the AP. This is hardly an excuse – you are responsible for what you air.

Your response to the fact that your announcer seemed to say last Friday was Good Friday (I believe the announcer wished viewers a “Good Friday Evening”) was apparently to leave it up to viewers (sic) to decide on the meaning of what was said. While this seems reasonable at face value, the fact is that the tone taken trivialized the listener comment.

Overall, I found your responses defensive, and inconsiderate. Listener comments should be taken more seriously and addressed in a constructive way. I expect better from you.”

This note is from Stephen, who posted it as part of a review on Facebook, “Used to donate, but pulled it during election season. I'm a registered democrat and even voted Hillary, but the station, or at least the programs it supports, is nothing more than a liberal echo chamber.

Every time I turn on the station there's a story running victimizing women, minorities, homosexuals, etc. There are times when fact-based reporting is on air, but that time frame is becoming thinner and thinner. I still listen, but every day am becoming more and more conservative as a result.

The spin is present and obvious. Any time you have to use the phrases "unbiased " and "fact-based journalism", any reasonable person will start to see the red flags. By all means, keep it up if you want four more years of Trump.

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