Feedback: Correcting Performer's Name & What About a Kentucky Center Stage Archive?

Apr 6, 2015

Robert wrote to us, “I was wondering if Kentucky Center Stage programs are archived for any period of time, so that one can listen to them from the website after they are broadcast."

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Robert explained, "I was a soloist (Evangelist) for the St. John Passion, but was occupied and unable to stream it from the website (I’m out of radio range). I wondered if I can listen to it later, like Millenium Stage on the Kennedy Center’s website.”

I wrote back to Robert explaining that such an online archive is not likely because of our agreements with the orchestras and musicians involved in the productions we feature in Kentucky Center Stage.

From the Listener Comments Line this week, “I was listening to your arts section with Rich Copley and he had mentioned that young lady by the name of Ann Frances Baker was going to be performing at Willie’s this weekend. I know this young woman.  Her name is actually Ann Frances Backer.” 

We apologize that we did not hear this message soon enough to make a correction to the Rich Copley segment on Friday.  We hope listeners were able to find the performance anyway.

Another caller, “I’ve been unable to get the classical music station on the Internet for several days. I can get the talk radio part just fine but that’s not what I want to listen to.”

A number of people have written about problems with the web stream for Classic 102.1. We think we’ve fixed a loose connection that was causing that problem.

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